Parts Machining Company. We use boring machines, lathes and machining stations.

empresa de mecanizado de piezas con tornos

Who we are

Parts machining company

43 years at the service of industry, collaborating, and helping to provide solutions for different industrial sectors.

Boring Machines, Lathes and Machining Stations

Our machinery

Boring machines

We work with boring machines with capacity from 0 kg to 12 tn on a rotary table and up to 2500 x, 6000 y, and 2500 z.


Turning capacity from 0 to 24 tn and from 0 to 4 m. With motorised headstocks and vertical lathe with Y and C axes.

Machining Stations

We work with double-table machining stations up to 1000 kg and from 0 to 1 m. Horizontal and vertical position.

Sectors Industrias Freconsa SL operates in

sector eólico

Wind sector

We work with boring machines to make the machined chassis components for mechanically-welded side beams in different Gamesa models.



We make asles for truck cranes


Cement plants

Specialist in cement factories and cement mills.

We make shafts, end carriages, covers, rollers, etc.



Machining of valves for assembly in nuclear power plants.

Quality and Certificates

We have our own quality certificate and type approvals for each of our customers.